ACRISS welcomes MYCAB as our latest Transfers Allied Associate

06 November 2017

ACRISS welcomes its newest Transfers (VDSI) Allied Associate MYCAB as its latest member to join and help drive collaboration by supporting standards for this growing Transfers industry.

MyCabACRISS is keen is to support our Transfers Associates by helping set standards in booking Transfers through all channels including OTAs and GDS supported products in the same way as we did for the car rental industry, and in helping the travel agency and end consumer make an informed choice when booking transfers through these channels.

Founded in 2008, MYCAB provides ground transportation services to over 700 destinations in 107 countries.  Larger cities offering both pre-booked and on-demand services.  MYCAB is headquartered in Luxembourg and its roots stem from the Scandinavian markets where it has operations in Stockholm. It has now opened its new UK office in London where the new International sales & marketing centralised operations are being built out from.  

MYCAB is focussed on the Corporate Travel market and as such sees ability to scale internationally through leading industry channels and partners and a number of leading global TMC’s, Travel agents and even extending to collaborating with other complimentary ground transfer aggregators.