ACRISS provides a facility to search for an ACRISS Car Code under certain terms and conditions.

  • First you must Register or Login at to activate the search facility.
  • Your account will be permitted to a maximum of 10 Car Code searches.
  • You may request for this number of searches to be increased. ACRISS reserves the right to decline the request.
  • If your car code search requirements are greater than this you may be invited to subscribe to the full listing of ACRISS Car Codes.

ACRISS hopes that you find this facility helpful.


We also offer a subscription to our car code lists with additional data (Fuel type, Battery range, Luggage) not available online, there is however a fee for this service.  If you would like more information please contact us: 

ACRISS Car Codes are the property of ACRISS. 
The search facility may be withdrawn at any time without explanation or notification.