ACRISS Guidelines for UK Consumer Market and EU Regulation Requirements


Following UK Consumer Market Authorities (CMA) and EU Regulation requirements and compliance request sent to the Car rental companies, brokers and Online Travel Agencies in June 2016, ACRISS set about to review and agree standards that all its members would adhere to and follow in meeting these requirements.

The proposed guidelines have all been agreed by the ACRISS Members and Associates including the travel technology companies (Global Distribution Systems) behind the Online Travel Agencies (Metasearch providers).

It shall be noted that the Headline Price is the price quoted to the customer at the earliest point at time of booking in the shopping process & throughout the point of reservation.

CMA & EU Regulations Requirements

Full disclosure of fees and charges are to be returned and all relevant information displayed and clearly presented to the consumer during the reservation process and located in a prominent position throughout the shopping process for the following 

  1. 1. Young/Senior Driver Surcharge
  2. 2. One Way & Cross Border fees
  3. 3. Fuel charges
  4. 4. Excesses
  5. 5. Pre-Authorisations or Deposits
  6. 6. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) exclusions
  7. 7. Warnings on legal requirements for special equipment e.g Snow chains/Tyres

All mandatory charges should be included in the Headline price as defined in the objectives, the definition of mandatory charges is anything the customer must pay that is foreseeable and unavoidable.

NB: “Terms and Conditions” (T&Cs) as outline by CMA relates to “Policy and Booking Conditions” for Car Rental Companies  and located in a prominent position in the shopping process.

To download full ACRISS Guidelines for CMA requirements document please click here.