For the Vehicle with Driver Services Industry

These standards have been developed to give ACRISS members of the Vehicle with Driver services Industry (VDSI) guidance and support on how to safely operate during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, providing passengers with confidence in booking and using transfers with health and safety of both the driver and passengers a priority.

These standards follow local and global regulations whilst providing minimum requirements to ensure a safe drive and where there is a difference or a conflict with local regulations, the latter take priority.

Our ACRISS members fully support these standards in order to give customers peace of mind and confidence to book transfers whilst helping limit and provide protection from Covid infections:


  • The World Health Organization
  • US Center of Disease Control
  • Transport for London authority
  • The Safe Taxi & Private Hire Charter (UK)
  • The German Berufsgenossenschaft Verkehr

Health & Safety Standard

For the Vehicle with Driver Services Industry

Stay Home

  • Drivers to stay at home if they have any of the symptoms; check against common symptoms and get tested if possible.
  • Passengers to stay at home and cancel any booked transfer/ride if they have any of the symptoms.
  • Follow local government's regulations.

Limited Contact

  • Avoid pooling/sharing except for members of the same household.
  • Block the front passenger seat.
  • Follow minimum social distancing according to local regulation where possible.
  • Avoid handshakes.
  • Passengers should handle their own luggage whenever possible.
  • Assistance to be offered and accepted/ declined by passengers at their discretion.

Personal Protection Equipment

  • Driver and all passengers should wear a face cover.
  • Allow both parties to deny a ride if the other does not wear a mask.
  • Driver to provide and make available hand sanitizer or wipes.
  • Transport companies to provide mask, disinfectant, hand sanitizer to drivers.
  • Driver to provide a mask for the passenger if they do not have one.

Personal Hygiene

Follow the World Health Organization’s personal hygiene recommendations:


  • Clean or disinfect surfaces and air vehicle prior to and in between each ride.
  • Switch off air condition recirculation and/or lower windows.
  • Avoid amenities.
  • Provide cashless payment options.
  • Use a partition screen dependent on local regulation.
  • Avoid water bottles.


  • Training to be provided to all drivers on COVID-19 health and safety measures.
  • For contact track and trace: capture details of drivers and main passenger according to local data protection laws.
  • Transfer companies to regularly update their health and safety standards according to new regulations.
  • Communicate and reference health and safety measures at time of booking and in the car at start of ride.

Please click Transfer VDSI Health and Safety Standards to download