Transfers - VDSI (Vehicle with Driver Service Industry)

ACRISS has expanded its portfolio to include the emerging Vehicle with Driver Service Industry (VDSI) — often referred to as Transfers or Chauffeur Service within the Travel industry.

A set of standards have been defined for the Transfers (VDSI) — as previously done for the car rental industry — and will be put in place to protect the rights and safety of consumers, to promote fair trade and a healthy competition among service providers, and to display accurate and clear information in the marketplace.

These standards bring shopping confidence to customers when booking online or via any electronic device, promote the use of reservation distribution systems and ensure the prevention of unfair or deceptive trade practices.

In this section you will find the current VDSI standards and definitions as defined by ACRISS in cooperation with members of the industry and ACRISS Allied Associates. For further details on these standards, or for more information on how to become an ACRISS Allied Associate, please send an email to