Description Definition

Waiting policy *

The rules that apply between pick-up time and the passenger actual boarding time.

Pick-up policy

The rules that apply between transport arrival time and requested pick-up time.

Cancellation policy

The rules which apply to cancellations. It can include time to apply, driver status, fees, service class.

Complaint handling policy

Policies on complaint acknowledgment and response times.

Payment policy

The rules describing the accepted forms of payment and the time when payment itself is authorized and/or executed.

Change booking policy

The policy that applies to modification rules. Rules can include pick-up time to apply, driver status, fees, service class. In this context a modification is a change which is not a under the cancellation policy.

Meeting point policy

Rules on communication channels used for instructions and on how/where the traveler meets the driver.

Luggage policy

The rules on accepted luggage size and number of luggage (combined), and which applicable fees.

Privacy policy

Describes how the Transfers company handles protected data.

Detour policy

The rules on how the Transfers company handles material changes to the original quoted/booked journey. Namely, which service is affected and if any fees apply.    

Service guarantee policy

The rules on service delivery fulfillment and compensation.

Duty of care policy

Describes if the Transfers company uses registered, licensed and insured vehicles and/or drivers. 

* Waiting policy vs Flight tracking/Pick-up policy

Waiting policy refers to waiting time starting with the pick-up time itself while the Flight tracking will be related to the time between the arrival of the flight/transport and the pick-up itself with the purpose to track a possible delay.

For full details and to download this page refer to Annex F of the new ACRISS Code of Conduct