Optional Extras, Special Equipment and Ancillaries Codes (Revised April 2023)

  • Shall mean the code established by ACRISS and listed in Annex C Extras/Special Equipment/Ancillaries of the Code of Conduct which identifies the classification of additional items of optional extras, equipment and ancillaries which may be provided with the rental vehicle at the request of the Consumer.
  • Optional Extras, Special Equipment and ancillaries’ codes can be requested using a designated field, such as the /SQ-field, used by the GDSs and travel technology providers.  It is important however to check the location policy to view availability of codes for the location requested.
  • Codes with a * are not Special Equipment codes but Optional Extras/Ancillaries codes and might not be supported by all GDSs.
  • Car Rental companies can use customised functionality provided by the GDSs to implement and distribute any other ancillary code (providing it is not already used by ACRISS).
  • Special equipment and Ancillaries codes are approved by ACRISS members and associates. They are reviewed and updated regularly.    New special equipment and ancillaries’ codes can be requested and submitted to ACRISS for inclusion in this list.
CODE Description Comment
ADD* Additional Driver Optional Extra
Axx Age of driver 18-25 Request for age of driver at time of rental for young driver. xx = age
AUS Snow socks Reusable tyre snow sock used as an alternative to snow chains
BBS Baby stroller/ Push chair Small vehicle with three/four wheels in which a baby or child is pushed around
BCH Battery Charge Service Battery Charge fee included - Full to Empty EV charge where applicable
BYC Bicycle rack A bicycle rack is a device attached to an automobile for transporting bicycles.
CBS Booster seat for child under 135cm or up to 12 years Booster cushion lifts the child up, making the safety belt fit Correctly and Comfortably. Required by Law till the age of 12.
CBF Cross Border Fee Pass This pass allows you to take your rental vehicle outside of country of origin
CBB Cargo/Pet Barrier Net or metal barrier used to separate front or back seats and hold cargo or pets in place
CNT* Connect for Mobile device   Incl. multi device charger cable
CSB Child seat determined by weight/age of child: 1-3 years / 9-18 Kg Forward-facing baby seat from 1-3 years/9 – 18 Kg
CSI Child seat determined by weight/age of child: 0-12 month/0-13Kg Rearward-facing infant seat from 0-12 months/0-13 kg
CST Child seat determined by weight/age of child: 4-7 years/15 – 30 Kg Booster seat from 4 – 7 years/15 – 30 Kg
DCH Domestic Charging Cable EV Domestic Charging Cable for Electric vehicles - For use with domestic and household outlets, usually slower or overnight charging
DSL Diesel cars fee Charge for Diesel cars
FLH Flag holder Flag holder, mainly for diplomatic use
JAC Safety devices/High Visibility jacket High visibility neon jacket in case of emergency
JRC Jerrycan Robust liquid container for spare fuel
HCL Hand Controls on left Auxiliary controls such as indicators, wipers, horn, etc can be controlled by the same left hand that turns the steering wheel
HCR Hand controls on right Auxiliary controls such as indicators, wipers, horn, etc can be controlled by the same right hand that turns the steering wheel
HEL* Motorcycle helmet A head covering of hard material worn by motorcyclists to protect the Head
LCC Extra Long Charging Cable EV Extra Long Charging Cable for Electric Vehicles - Extended charging cable, usually used with trucks and vans
LRC Luggage roof case Luggage storage box with low profile aerodynamics
LTR Luggage trailer Small Trailer that is pulled behind a vehicle to hold & transport luggage.
LUG Luggage rack Carrier for holding luggage above the seats of a train or on top of a car 
MCE Mobility Service Card EV Mobility Service Card Electric Vehicle -  Form of payment for EV charging in countries where applicable
MCP Mobility Service Card PHEV Mobility Service Card Plug-in Hybrid - Form of payment for PHEV charging in countries where applicable
MMS* Multimedia centre Combination media system such as DVD, CD & picture player all in one unit
NAV Navigation system Handheld navigation System, different from installed NVS
NVS Navigation system Built in navigation system
PCC Station Charging Cable for PHEV Station Charging Cable for Plug-in Hybrid vehicles - Public charging point cables for Plug-in Hybrid, usually faster charging.
PET Designated Pet area Seat/area for a pet with responsibility of the customer to bring a cage/pet carrier, additional cleaning charges may incur
PHN Mobile phone  
RPS Road / congestion payment scheme Sticker, which must be fixed to the inside of your windscreen, entitles you to drive on the motorway/Congestion Fee
RSN* Roadside Assistance Waives the call out fee in the event of a non-mechanical issue like locked in keys, flat battery, runout of fuel and flat tyre.  Optional Extra
SBE Seat belt extenders  
SBR Snow board racks Car racks with straps stretching from one side of the roof to the other with soft padding in the middle where the board lays.
SCC Station Charging Cable EV Station Charging Cable for Electric Vehicles - Public charging points, usually faster charging
SKR Ski rack A rack for holding skis that can be attached to the roof of a car
SKV Ski equipped vehicle  
SNO Snow chain  
SNP Snow packs Include Snow Tyres & Snow Chains
SNT Snow tyres  Check where they are used
SPN Spinner knob Rounded handle on the steering wheel to spin the vehicle, equipment for invalid or handicap driver.
CSR Satellite / digital radio A satellite radio is a special digital radio that receives signals broadcast by communications satellite, A radio service sent via satellite to cars
SRK Surf rack Car racks with straps stretching from one side of the roof to the other with soft padding in the middle where the Surf lays.
STC Scooter top case 2-wheel drive accessory
STR Snow /Winter tyres Snow and Winter Tyres as required in certain countries
TAB* Travel Tablet  A large smartphone like device that will give customers a GPS unit, Wi-Fi hotspot, coupons/ads for location shops/restaurants
TCT Tech Digital App App and Connectivity (virtual SIM card including GPS and WIFI) sold separately and not included in car features
TOL Toll payment tag / pass The electronic Toll Collection System determines whether a passing car is enrolled in the program. The accounts of registered cars are debited automatically without stopping or even opening a window.
TRH Trailer Hitch  
VSS* Vehicle Safe drive App available for drivers to monitor safe driving
WAR Wheelchair access ramp Allows wheelchair users to access directly into the rear of a vehicle
WHC Wheelchair Movable chair mounted on large wheels; for invalids or those who cannot walk; frequently propelled by the occupant
WIF Wi-Fi access