The ACRISS Car Code Algorithm


The ACRISS members had a requirement for a common rating system for rental cars across European markets, to ensure consistency of vehicle when customers rent cars from different suppliers.

ACRISS commissioned independent experts to devise an algorithm to help with this task and create a common rating system which we now call the ACRISS Car codes using the ACRISS Car classification system.

The Algorithm

Each new model of car, to the engine and trim level, receives a point rating on a scale from zero to 10 (and occasionally higher).  This numerical rating is derived from an algorithm that considers amongts other things the car’s list price and its horsepower. CO2 and luggage capacity are also part of the consideration.

For each model of car the algorithm will produce a range of ratings, which determine the Car Category – for example, Compact for the VW Golf. In addition, if the rating for a particular model exceeds a pre-determined point for that Category, it will be moved into the Elite class. 

Similarly with SUVs and Passenger Vans (vehicles with six seats or more) the rating system also places emphasis on seating provision.