Transfers VDSI Definitions

ACRISS has expanded its portfolio to include the emerging Vehicle with Driver Service Industry (VDSI) — often referred to as Transfers or Chauffeur Service within the Travel industry.

A set of definitions has been defined for the VDSI — as previously done for the car rental industry — and will be put in place to protect the rights and safety of consumers, to promote fair trade and a healthy competition among service providers, and to display accurate and clear information in the marketplace.

Below you will find the current VDSI definitions defined by ACRISS in cooperation with members of the industry and ACRISS Associates. For further details on these definitions or for more information on how to become an ACRISS Allied Associate, please send an email to



Vehicle with Driver Service Industry (VDSI)

Organizations in the VDSI offer and arrange ground transportation using vehicles with professional drivers. This service is also known as a transfer, limousine or chauffeur service. VDSI organizations may use third party ground transportation providers to fulfil the service.


Transfer Service

A transfer service is a pre booked transport of one or more persons based on pick up and drop off addresses. The driver will meet the passenger(s) at the confirmed meeting point(s), at the confirmed pick up time(s) and drive the passenger(s) to the confirmed destination(s).

Private transfer: Vehicle(s) and driver(s) exclusively reserved for one transfer booking only and will at least stop at the confirmed pick up and drop off locations.

Shared transfer: One or more seats in a vehicle with driver. The vehicle will stop at least at all the meeting points and destinations that are confirmed to the passengers in the same vehicle.

Hourly/As Directed Service

An Hourly/As Directed service is a pre booked transport of one or more persons based on time, destinations and intermediate stops requested by the passenger before or during the ride.

Booking / Lead Time

The (minimum) time that is allowed between a booking and the time that it takes place.

Booking Modification

Any change to a previously confirmed booking.


Pick up time

The confirmed pick up time means the time the driver will meet the passenger at the confirmed pick-up address(es) and/or meeting point.

Note: at airport pickups, the pickup time is not necessarily the same as the flight arrival time.

Waiting period

The time in which the driver will wait for the passenger at the agreed meeting point and is included in the Booking Price. The waiting period starts after the agreed pick up time.

Flight tracking

The driver and/or the VDSI organization will - within the limits of their control - monitor the flight and adjust the pick up time to a changed flight schedule. Also known as “Flight Monitoring”

Note: The maximum allowed deviation of actual pickup time from the scheduled pickup time is defined and made transparent by the provider.

Meet and Greet

The driver will meet and greet the passenger at the defined meeting point. e.g. at the arrival gate for airports or at the appropriate platform for train stations.

Transfer Desk

The passenger needs to go to a previously specified Transfer Desk/Area in Airport Terminal ground and register their arrival. The driver will meet the passenger at the Transfer Desk/Area or the passenger will receive specific instructions to locate the driver.


The passenger will register their arrival to the company/driver through a call, SMS or App functionality and the driver will inform the passenger of a pickup location in front of the building or parking area, e.g. outside Departures 3.

Pick-up sign

The driver publicly shows the name of the lead passenger or any other confirmed text specified by the customer on an appropriate sign or tablet at the confirmed meeting point.


If the passenger or the driver arrives at the pick-up location after the agreed pick-up time; a late fee or additional waiting time fee can be applied by either parties. This excludes delays covered under Flight Tracking. If the driver arrives at the pick-up location after the agreed pick-up time, compensation or a late fee may apply after a specified delay time.

Driver No-Show

If the driver fails to arrive at the pick-up location before the end of an agreed period, a customer refund and/or driver non-cancellation fee can be applied.

Passenger No-Show

If the customer fails to arrive at the pick-up location before the end of the agreed waiting period; the driver must first try to contact the customer after this period, thereafter a passenger non-cancellation fee may be applied.


Duty of Care

VDSI organizations shall - within the limits of their control - only use fully licensed, registered and insured drivers and vehicles that fully abide to local legislations for professional driver services.

Driver Code of Conduct

The way the driver should behave and drive. E.g. do not call and drive, do not disclose any private information, do not solicit private information from customers.

Driver Dress Code

The way the driver should be dressed. E.g. suit, no flip flops.

Driver Language Skills

Mandatory language skills and level for the driver according to location and customer requirements.

Assistance from Driver

The assistance the driver should offer. E.g. carrying luggage.


Air conditioning, newspaper, water, wifi, charger, etc.

Additional distance

When the passenger wants the driver to alter the confirmed destination, add an extra stop or take a longer route - meaning that the distance is increased.

Additional time

When the passenger requests for additional time at pickup point or during the ride, or extension of the hourly booking at an extra charge.


Booking price

The price of a confirmed booking includes all mandatory price components to fulfil the agreed transfer, including all agreed additional services and amenities.

The price must clearly state whether it is a fixed price or estimated price, what services are included, and if the price is inclusive or exclusive of applicable taxes and service charges.

Additional Charges/Fees

Any additional charges incurred by the driver as a result of changes to the Transfer Service including cancellation charges, soiling charges, additional waiting time, additional distance, car parking and tolls other than by any act or omission of the driver.

Final Price

The sum of the actual Booking price and all Additional Charges and shall be the final and only amount payable in respect of the related Transfer Services;

Payment method

Methods of payment supported, e.g. credit card.

Note: In the case of credit card payments, It has to be made transparent about when the card will be charged.



The cancellation of a previously confirmed booking.

Early cancellation

A cancellation of a booking before an agreed period. The cancellation is usually free of charge for both parties.

Late cancellation

A cancellation of a booking after an agreed period. This may be subject to a cancellation fee.


Complaints Procedure

VDSI organizations shall have comprehensive complaints procedure in place with clear directions on their website and/or communications to the customer.