Greener cars- How ACRISS is preparing for the Electric and Hybrid cars trend

04 March 2020

With the introduction of new electric and hybrid cars and a trend that will continue to increase as countries look to tackle global warming and governments set challenging targets,  ACRISS has looked to prepare for this new trend and help both the car rental industry and travellers when booking these greener cars by updating our car classification system and providing as much support, information and education as possible.

As they become more commonplace the way we coded these cars needed to meet this new demand and provide enough information to enable the customer to book with confidence.     This has been done in two ways:

- By updating the Car Classification System (matrix) with the 4th letter for fuel type and A/C to provide more detail around both Hybrid and Electric cars by introducing:

  •  Two types of Hybrid carsH for Hybrid and I for Hybrid Plug In
  •  Two types of Electric carsE for Electric cars with lower battery distance under 250mi or 400km and C for Electric Plus cars for longer battery distance cars over 250mi and 400km.

- By introducing a new EV column in our car code lists with the battery distance covered in both miles and kilometres for all electric models.

We have also updated our Vehicle Selling Guides  to reflect these changes.

See Greener cars - Electric and Hybrid trend for more information on the background and changes ACRISS has made.