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06 November 2017

ACRISS welcomes MYCAB as our latest Transfers Allied Associate

ACRISS welcomes its newest Transfers (VDSI) Allied Associate MYCAB as its latest member to join and help drive collaboration by supporting standards for this growing Transfers industry. Read more

23 October 2017

New ACRISS guidelines in response to CMA requirements

ACRISS is pleased to announce the publication of new guidelines in response to CMA's requirements on full disclosure and transparency of all fees and charges.Read more

18 October 2017

New Transfers tab to ACRISS website including new definitions, service categories and standards

ACRISS is pleased to announce the introduction of our new "Transfers" tab on the website which now includes the new definitions as agreed by our existing and recent Transfers Allied Associates: Blacklane, Taxitender and Karhoo.Read more

25 September 2017

ACRISS welcomes Taxitender and Karhoo as new Allied Associates in helping set standards for our new

ACRISS welcomes two new Transfers (VDSI) Allied Associates;  Taxitender and Karhoo who have recently joined ACRISS and in doing so helping to establish standards for the "Transfers" or  "Vehicle with Driver Service industry (VDSI)".  Read more

07 April 2017

Successful launch of ACRISS Image Cloud!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new ACRISS Image Cloud application.Read more



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