To increase the use of all forms of electronic distribution systems and develop clear common standards for car rental services and Vehicle with Driver Service Industry (VDSI) Transfers in Europe, Middle East & Africa.

ACRISS delivers on its Objective through:

  • Recommending Codes of Conduct to car rental companies relating to the quality and quantity of information that they provide to the users of electronic distribution systems
  • Developing, recommending and implementing classification systems for vehicle, rate, location, and special equipment
  • Formulating and recommending standards for both the car rental and VDSI industries for GDS product enhancements and new functionality developments
  • Formulating and implementing common standards, service categories and definitions for the VDSI Transfers industry
  • Provision of information for Travel Agents and the end user.
  • Help to increase confidence in the use of all electronic distribution systems for booking car rental and Transfers (VDSI) in Europe
  • The promotion and adoption of ACRISS standards to non-members.